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"Norwood’s Notes"

Originally Sunday Worship Bulletin inserts written by Pastor Norwood on a variety of topics to build a basic Bible knowledge, aid in spiritual formation, and doctrinal understanding. As is the case with basic study aids like "Cliff's Notes" or "Monarch Notes," These notes are intended only as basic introductory overviews to encourage better understanding and further study.

Brief Summaries of Bible Stories: These “notes” are intended to provide a general overview of the basic stories of the Bible in the hope of building greater biblical knowledge and encouraging Bible reading and study.

  1. The “Pre-History,” Genesis 1-11
  2. “Abraham to Jacob,” Genesis 12-29
  3. "Jacob to Joseph," Genesis 29-45
  4. "From Joseph to the Call of Moses," Genesis 45 - Exodus 4
  5. "Moses and the Exodus," Exodus 4-15
  6. "Manna, Quail, & Commandments," Exodus 15-24
  7. "The Tabernacle & The Priesthood," Exodus 24 - Numbers 12
  8. "Wandering in the Wilderness," Numbers 13-24
  9. "From Moses to Joshua," Numbers 25 - Joshua 8
  10. "From Joshua to the Judges," Joshua 9 - Judges 2
  11. "Othniel to Abimelech, " Judges 3-9
  12. "Jephthah and Samson," Judges 10-16
  13. "Lawless Israelites & a Faithful Foreigner," Judges 17 - Ruth 4
  14. "Samuel & Saul," 1 Samuel 1-10

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