The Homegoing of Ravi Zacharias

One of the great defenders of the faith, Ravi Zacharias, was called home to be with the Lord today, May 19, 2020. He was an outspoken Christian apologist and scholar. Even though he spent his youth as an avowed atheist, the Word of God touched his heart and changed his life. His love for Jesus Christ reached across the world through his writings, presentations, videos, and conferences. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ performed a great work through the life of Ravi Zacharias and I am certain that legacy will continue to resound, strengthening believers, confronting doubters, confounding skeptics, and proclaiming the gospel. My prayers are for his family and the international ministry that he founded. May they be comforted in the midst of mourning by the loving and gracious hand of God and may their work for the kingdom continue.