Our congregation is governed by a Consistory, chaired by the Senior Pastor and made up of two Councils...

THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS: Our Pastoral Ministry is made up of our ordained clergy (elders and deacons), licensed evangelists and missionaries, consecrated stewards, and acolytes. Worship planning and leadership, pastoral care and counseling, training in discipleship and evangelistic outreach are all coordinated by this council.

THE COUNCIL OF TRUSTEES: Our Administrative Ministry is made up of those elected by the congregation to provide for the care of our facilities and physical resources, administer the funding for our ministries, ensure fiscal accountability and maintain the records of the congregation.



Ordained Elders 
Rev. Dr. J.R. Norwood, Senior Pastor
Rev. Henry Panniell, Assoc. Minister

Ordained Deacons
Caleb Collins
Andranette Hardwick
Derrick Hardwick
Pamela Hill
Charles Manning
Tanya Norwood
Patricia Weeks

Consecrated Stewards
Sheldon Ewing
Mildred Manning
Clifford Rawls

Licensed Missionaries
Linda Rogers

Consecrated Acolytes

Amanda Weeks

Adrian Roach

Johnnie Weeks


Charles Manning, Vice Chair
Daniel Roach, 2nd Vice Chair
Sandra Baez, Clerk
Kathleen Rawls, Asst. Clerk
Trinity Norwood, Treasurer


Photo of Pastor Norwood

The Rev. Pastor J.R. Norwood, PhD

The Rev. Dr. J.R. Norwood, Jr. is the Overseer of Preaching, Teaching, Pastoral and Administrative Ministries and, as such, serves as the chairman of the Consistory. Pastor Norwood has served in ordained ministry for over thirty years, and is the founding pastor of this congregation. He has been a college, military, and correctional chaplain and has a passion for both learning, preaching, and teaching. Pastor Norwood is also the senior minister to the Christian Prayer Circle Ministry of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation, an American Indian tribe.

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