A Few Commonly Asked Questions...

What does "Ujima" mean?

Often erroneously thought to be an acronym, "Ujima," was the name chosen by the children served through the urban youth outreach ministry that was the precursor of our congregation.  Ujima is from Kiswahili, a non-tribal language that unifies various cultures in Africa, and it means the collective life of a community, working together and caring for one another.

What do you mean by "independent congregation?"

We are a community based church, independent of any denominational hierarchy or structure beyond the local congregation. Even though we are independent of any denomination, our church is grounded in the "Covenantal" biblical perspective, also known as "Reformed Theology." We do network and associate with regional, national, and international Christian organizations (The World Reform Fellowship, The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Christian Aid Mission, World Vision, and others.), but we are not controlled by them.

What is the "I AM" on the website banner?

It is the English translation of the Hebrew "Yahweh," the holy name of the Triune God, told to Moses when he asked God who he should say sent him on his mission of deliverance (Exodus 3:13-14). It refers to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19).  The "I AM" appears at the center of our "Holy Names" sanctuary cross. [Click HERE for more information on our sanctuary cross]