Hear What Our Members Have To Say...

"Jesus has brought peace and understanding to my life. The Lord guided me to this church. I have grown in faith and love and learned to put my trust in the Lord. I no longer walk in darkness. I would tell anyone that if you are looking for a Bible based church, then you need to be at Ujima Church, where we are rich in love and faith. I have become more prayerful and have learned to wait o Jesus by trusting His words and knowing that he is the light and the truth." - L. Richards

"I learn a lot from pastor, who teaches me how to grow stronger in the Lord's word and keep the commands of Jesus - praising and praying and being grateful for my blessings." - J. Blakely

"Knowing Jesus makes you love everybody. Knowing Jesus makes me obey His commands. Sometimes we fail, but knowing Him brings us back... I have been with Ujima Village Christian Church from the beginning... to where we are now.  God has blessed our church immensely... and this is the greatest church ever.  We are a family..."  P. Weeks

"I thank God each and every day for my blessings.  I praise his holy name for all things, good and bad. I know He will never forsake me or leave me.  I'm so glad that I have a God that sits high and looks low... Thank you Jesus!"  - D. Watkins

"Praises to God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for granting me His grace through salvation.  I am blessed to have a Pastor that teaches God's Word... I am blessed to share the gospel with my friends... God's Word comes alive in our spirits." - L. Rogers

"Thanks be to God,,, for 1st Lady Sister Norwood's kindness and patience. Pastor Norwood's teaching has helped me to better understand the Bible and his counseling with me and my family has been very helpful... The church family is very joyful and huggable... We all are one big family." - K. Rawls

"... years ago I walked through the doors of Ujima Christian Church and my life began to change...It had been a long time since I had been to church and I was not expecting to receive anything different than what I had experience in other churches, a temporary feel good. But there was something different about this church called Ujima. I was greeted with hugs and warm welcomes and I was blessed by the entire worship experience...  For the next several Sundays my family and I continued coming to worship and we even began coming to Bible study. The Holy Spirit began speaking to me about my need to have an intimate and deeper relationship with God... I knew that Ujima was the place designed by God for me to grow in him and to call my church home." - A. Hardwick 

"I knew in my heart that my family had to fellowship somewhere, but not just anywhere.  I asked God to put us where we could grow and help people... God made this our home and we praise Him... Our family has been truly blessed... it brought us closer together with each other and the Lord." - C. Rawls