Every Little Bit…

Every Little Bit Can Help Make a Big Difference

Sometimes it can seem as though the problems and needs within this world are far too great to even begin to address any of them. Hunger and sickness and extreme poverty can be so dire that even the most charitable heart can feel as though the little that anyone, or even a small church, could do could not possibly have much of an impact. But the testimony today from a village our congregation supported through World Vision is a reminder that even a little bit can make a difference when people work together under the grace of God. During the outbreak of violence in Liberia back in the early 1990s, our congregation helped to feed a town on the brink of starvation, caught between two warring forces. In more recent years, we have been supporting the efforts of World Vision through both supporting children in various needy villages and crisis relief efforts around the world. What we were able to do in supporting a child from one village, combined with the support of many other charitable hearts, has resulted in not only our child being educated, cared for, and growing to young adulthood, but also their entire village becoming self-sufficient. The village of Iniza stills needs our prayers, but no longer needs our help. Praise be to God!

For many years our congregation has supported World Vision efforts to bring aid to impoverished and persecuted children and their communities all around the world. Often operating in areas where open evangelism could result in imprisonment or loss of life, World Vision addresses needs from medical aid and medicines, to fighting slave trafficking, to providing education, to feeding and farming programs, to helping to dig wells and provide proper irrigation, along with many more loving interventions. This is truly a mission of mercy to those in great need.

It is truly a blessing to know that every little bit helps and that every little bit can truly make a big difference. To God be the glory!