Stop the Hate Against Asian Americans!

The many instances of violence perpetuated against our Asian American brothers and sisters is more than merely disturbing, it is an example of how the sin of racism can be perpetuated even by those who claim to be its victims. The heightened hostilities have been egged on by the hate filled rhetoric from many of our nation's current and past leaders who blamed China for the coronavirus and then wrongfully associated all people of Asian descent as having some level of responsibility for its spread.

Instead of compassion and understanding, we have seen division and wicked displays of violence. Senior citizens have suffered at the fists of racial hatred, so much so that some have died. No matter what a person's race, they bear the image of God and therefore their humanity should be respected and honored. As there has recently been an increase in outrage against racism suffered by African-Americans, there must be outrage against racism and hatred and persecution in general, no matter who perpetuates it.

As Christians, we must embrace and promote the understanding the sacredness of the image of God in every human being and especially the unity that binds all who are children of God through Christ Jesus. Let us, as Christians, reach out across racial lines and express our love and extend a helping hand toward those who are suffering from the violence that has its root in the fallen human heart.

Let us pray for peace as we show the love of Christ.