Native American Heritage – History and Contextualization of Worship

After the recent presentation hosted by our church, “Building Greater Understanding about Native American History,” presented by the artist and activist Arla Patch for her group’s incubation grant aimed at educating, encouraging, and enabling non-Natives to speak to other non-Natives about Native American history and issues of social concern, there was an increased interest among the congregation regarding my own work in this area.    To that end, provided below are links to two academic works and one booklet that I authored. Click on the red text to link to the writings…

Contextualized Worship Among the Nanticoke-Lenape American Indians is a “peer reviewed” article published in 2017 in the academic journal In die Skriflig.  It was edited according to the standards of British English, as reflected in the spelling and wording.

THE HISTORICAL IMPACT AND CURRENT CHALLENGES OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY AMONG THE ABORIGINAL PEOPLE OF THE DELAWARE BAY REGION   is my dissertation submitted to the North-West University of Potchefstroom, South Africa, for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Missiology (Theology of Missions), May 2015
We Are Still Here – The Tribal Saga of New Jersey’s Nanticoke and Lenape Indians is a booklet written in 2007 that provides an overview of the history of the Nanticoke-Lenape people.